Firewood & Logs

Local firewood logs for sale in the Scottish Borders

All our firewood, softwood logs and hardwood logs are responsibly sourced from the Scottish Borders. Our logs and firewood are seasoned for two summers, then finished off in the kiln which minimises the amount of moisture contained in the logs.  Logs with a high moisture content give a far lower total heat output, even when considering the time it takes to burn a wet log.

Beware rogue sellers: Other vendors’ “kiln dried” logs may still have a high moisture content.  Our logs are air dried for two years and then finished in the kiln. Some vendors advertise “kiln dired” logs which have been put on the kiln shortly after the timber has been felled and have not been left for long enough so can still have a moisture content upwards of 40%..

If you’re based in the Scottish Borders and want to order local logs, organise a visit, or enquire about firewood prices, please call 07946 644954 or email

Firewood Types


Firewood Pricing


aprox 25cm

Bulk Bags

These are about 1.5 times the size of a builder's bulk bag

1cu/m each


Hardwood logs

Softwood logs

Half hardwood logs, half softwood logs



Local cordwood for sale in the Scottish Borders

Cordwood (Long seasoned hardwood, ready for you to cut down to size yourself)

By the bundle, aprox 1m diameter x 1.1m long

£99 for one or two; £89 for 3 or more

Local softwood logs for sale in the Scottish Borders

Unprocessed seasoned softwood logs
(ready for you to cut down to size and split yourself)

By the load (aprox 135cm h x 185cm w x 4.3m l)

£395 plus mileage

Sack of Hardwood Logs


Hardwood logs
Hardwood logs

60 x 45 cm sack
60 x 45 cm sack

£6.00 (ten or more sacks)
£5.50 (twenty five or more sacks)

Kindling bag


Placing kindling under a softwood log with a few firelighters makes starting a fire easy

By the sack


FOR BIOMASS BOILERS(50cm long split softwood)

9.5cu/m load


Woodchip, for biomass boilers **

G30; <25% moisture content

Please contact us for availability

–  The sack: 40 x 65cm

–  The bundle: aprox 1m dia x 1.1m

–  Standard load of loose logs: 2.5 cu/m

–  Large Load of loose logs: 9 cu/m

* It is often thought that burning softwood logs will damage your chimney.  Softwood logs contain resin, and if the firewood is not properly seasoned, this can condense on the inside of chimneys. This build up causes a tarry residue which is a common cause of chimney fires. However, if the firewood and logs are properly seasoned, any resin in the wood burns as fuel, and no chimney problems are caused. Interestingly the Scandinavians, who are stove experts, burn mostly softwood logs.

** Biomass Suppliers List Approved

If you have any questions about our local firewood logs, how Border Tree Services deliver to the Scottish Borders, or any other questions please just get in touch.