Local firewood logs for sale in the Scottish Borders

All our firewood is responsibly sourced from the Scottish Borders and is seasoned for two summers before being finished off in the kiln. Unless otherwise stated all our logs are kiln dried and approx 25cm long.

Beware Unseasoned Wood: Logs with a high moisture content are frustrating to light, damage your stove and your chimney, and even when taking burn time into consideration they give a far lower total heat output.

Beware rogue sellers.  Other vendors’ “kiln dried” logs may still have a high moisture content. Our logs are air dried for two years and then finished in the kiln. Some vendors advertise “kiln dired” logs which have been put on the kiln shortly after the timber has been felled and have not been left for long enough so can still have a moisture content upwards of 40%. And some vendors say, “Kiln Dried” when they’re not…

If you’re based in the Scottish Borders and want to order local logs, organise a visit, or enquire about firewood prices, please call 07946 644954 or email