Bulk Bags (Kiln Dried Hardwood, Ready to Burn Certified)


Our big bulk bags are much bigger than a 1 tonne builders sand or gravel bag.  Our bags contain over 1/3 as much again.
Most of our competitors use either 0.73 cu/m bags or 0.66 cu/m bags which look the same as ours in the website photos.  Often they do not even state a volume…

Size: 1 cu/m each

For a cheaper option softwood is available (p.o.a.)



Within a 6 mile radius of Selkirk or Lewinshope delivery is free. Up to 15 miles £10 extra. Further than 15 miles needs to be applied for.

There will be some dust/sawdust in the bottom of the bags and in amongst the loose loads. For the cleanest logs, order them in sacks.

Please note: we fill these bags generously as shown in the photo, but after having been lifted on forks the bags bulge slightly and the level settles.


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