Border Tree Services is pleased to offer a variety of timber in all shapes and sizes. We have accrued an extensive selection which is best viewed on site before purchase, so ring Johnny to make an appointment. Most of our timber has been air dried for many years.  We keep a selection of timber in the boiler room and the heated shop to cater for those who wish to work on a project imminently.  We consider this wood to be superior to most kiln dried timber. Timber can be cut to a suitable size for your requirements and transportation. Delivery can be arranged for an additional charge.

We sell timber by the plank, baton or unsawn log. Big purchases will allow us to give you a substantial discount / trade price. Please note that we have at least some of most native Scottish timbers.

To place an order, organise a visit or enquire about prices, please call 07946 644954 or email info@bordertreeservices.co.uk.

N.B. The list of timbers below is not exhaustive, please ask if you have a particular requirement


Characteristics: Short grained; brittle

Use: Indoor only; shelves; furniture; woodturning


Characteristics: Long grained; semi-durable; interesting finish

Use: Best for indoor use; kitchens; furniture making; shelves; woodturning


Characteristics: Long grained; interesting pattern

Use: Furniture making; shelves; woodturning


Characteristics: Short & fine grained; non-durable; dense; hard; no pronounced markings

Use: Indoor only; furniture making; shelves; kitchen utensils


Characteristics: Beautiful; varied patterning

Use: Furniture making; shelves; woodturning


Characteristics: Long grained; durable; dense; strong; flecked pattern when “quarter sawn”; attractive finish with pronounced grain when sanded.

Use: Outdoor purposes; furniture making; shelves


Characteristics: Long grained; semi-durable; dense; hard

Use: Best for indoor use; shelves; window seats; coffee tables; chopping boards


Characteristics: Short grained; brittle; 3d effect on a flat planed surface

Use: Indoor only; furniture; shelves; woodturning


Characteristics: Long & fine grained; very hard

Use: Furniture making; shelves; woodturning


Characteristics: Fine grained; hard

Use: Gun stocks; classic car dashboards